Connect to Self and Others

Connect to Self and Others

Scout is a certified practicing counsellor under PACFA – Psychotherapy and Counselling
Federation of Australia. She has a Grad Dip (Counselling) from The Australian College of
Applied Psychology, BA (Gender Studies) from The University of Sydney.

Her philosophy is “Better relationships for a better quality of life

With over 1,000 client facing hours, she has been able to identify the common relationship
challenges and help her clients understand, move through and empower them even in the
most difficult situations. Scout also works as a therapist at South Pacific Private Treatment
Centre in Curl Curl affording her a wealth of knowledge in trauma informed care and addiction

As an avid educator and author, Scout continues to teach and write on subjects such as love,
intimacy, authenticity, connection, romance and sex. You can find her monthly column in The
Tawny Frogmouth Magazine distributed monthly across Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

You can find more about Scout at