Connect to Self and Others

Connect to Self and Others

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is often considered the foundation from which many other yoga styles have evolved.

The Sanskrit word हठ haṭha literally means “force”, alluding to a system of physical techniques. Some hatha yoga style techniques can be traced back at least to the 1st-century CE.

What to expect:

The sessions are generally slow-paced, giving ample time to explore each posture and understand the alignment. It’s a practice that invites you to tune in, nurturing a dialogue between the body and mind. The emphasis on breath also fosters a serene atmosphere, guiding the mind to a calm and centered state.

Hatha Yoga serves as a powerful tool to foster flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. By dedicating time to this practice, you pave the way for a deeper exploration of what yoga has to offer. It’s akin to laying down the first bricks with precision and understanding, ensuring the stability of the majestic structure of your yoga practice that is yet to unfold.

Warrior Pose Hatha Yoga
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