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Connect to Self and Others

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a gentle, relaxed and passive style of yoga which is based on the Taoist concepts of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature.

It incorporates the principles of both ancient Indian and ancient Chinese Taoist practices in which postures (asanas) are held for long periods of time, increasing your inner awareness through attention to your breath, thoughts, and body sensations.

It employs specific sequences of poses to stimulate particular meridians, or subtle channels, as understood in Traditional Chinese Medicine; these are the equivalent of the Nadi channels in Hatha Yoga. Sometimes referred to as Taoist Yoga, or Tao Yin, these practices have been incorporated into Kung Fu training for thousands of years.

In the 1970’s, Yin Yoga was popularised by Paulie Zink a martial arts champion who developed a series of long-held floor poses. 

What to expect:

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced practice where postures are held for longer periods, often between 3 and 5 minutes. The focus is on the connective tissues, like ligaments and fascia, rather than the muscles.

The extended hold in each posture offers a space for quiet reflection and relaxation allowing you to explore the sensations, emotions, and thoughts that arise. The practice fosters a deep sense of stillness and mindfulness, allowing for a meditative experience.

Yin Yoga is a beautiful practice to balance the energetic and fiery nature of other yoga styles or life’s hectic pace. It’s an invitation to slow down, to turn inward, and to cultivate a sense of peace and acceptance.

Yin yoga (Gentle)

Suitable for those who:

    • Want to engage in a quiet, reflective yoga practice that involves holding poses for longer periods
    • Have health concerns or injuries that require low intensity activities
      • Are beginners and are new to yoga
      • Want to balance intense workouts
      • Are living with chronic pain, stress or tight muscles
      • Like to slow down and escape the busyiness of life

    Benefits include:

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