Connect to Self and Others

Connect to Self and Others

Pre-natal Yoga

Pre-natal Yoga is tailored for the beautiful journey of pregnancy, offering a supportive environment for expectant mothers.

The practice focuses on poses that enhance strength, flexibility, and balance, preparing the body for childbirth.

What to expect:

The classes provide a space for mothers-to-be to connect with their babies as well as creating a community of support.

Pre-natal emphasizes breathing and relaxation techniques that can be invaluable during labor and childbirth.

It is a practice that empowers women, providing tools to navigate through the journey of pregnancy and motherhood with grace, strength, and serenity.

PreNatal Yoga

Suitable for those who:

    • Are pregnant.
    • For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you only join these classes after your first trimester.

Special Note: Pregnancy demands a lot from your body, and you should always pay attention to your needs from day to day. Listen to your body and pay attention to how you’re feeling, especially in your back, abdominals, and pelvis. Rest whenever you want a break and don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

Benefits include:

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