Connect to Self and Others

Connect to Self and Others

Seniors Yoga

Our Seniors Yoga is a gentle yoga tailored for over 60’s+ to support mobility and relaxation.

What to expect:

A gentle class especially for seniors which combines low-to-medium intensity exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Our classes are modified to accommodate different fitness and mobility levels  with plenty of time for relaxation and rest.

Over 60s Yoga-02

Suitable for those who:

    • Are over 60 years old
    • Have limited mobility
    • Want to improve health, wellness and fitness
    • Want to be part of a like minded community.

Benefits include:

Most of the classes at Qi are suitable for seniors, however we do have two kinds of classes specifically dedicated to Senior’s to ensure that you recieve the best possible care:

Over 60’s Yoga: Is a gentle Hatha Yoga style of class with plenty of time for relaxation.
Suited to beginners to experienced students.

Mature and Motivated: Again a gentle class, with plenty of modifications to suit individual needs and limitations. In the Hatha Yoga style with a focus on mobility and movement.
Suited to beginners to experienced students.

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