Connect to Self and Others

Connect to Self and Others


“Prevention is better than Cure”

Wellness is more than being healthy through eating well and exercise. It is creating a growth mindset, engaging in positive emotional & simple but effective ‘focussed’ practices, ultimately making long-term beneficial changes on several spheres of one’s life.

How we think, feel, see and engage with the world affects our cellular biology, or put simply, our overall health.

A Professional Holistic Wellness Coach works collaboratively with their clients to engage and maintain an effective, lasting personal wellness program that is focused on holistic tools for staying well:

Our holistic coaching provides tailored tools to assist and achieve your personal goals in all areas of your life – relationships, home life, family and business.

Treatment is usually short-term and for a specific problem.

Appointments can be made directly without a referral.


Services include:

Private sessions

Group sessions

Mother & Child sessions

Weight management

Self-care plans

Psychoneuroimmunology Based Relaxation Therapy

Professional, Experienced Coaches

All of our Coaches are professionally qualified and accredited with many years of experience

Fun and engaging

Our sessions are designed to be engaging, fun and active and include a wide range of strategies, tools and methodologies to help you get the most value and benefit.

Meet our Holistic Wellness Coaches

Oriana Chee

Oriana Chee

Holistic Wellness Coach

 Oriana’s passion for wellness is non-invasive, non-pharmacological and evidence- based.

She equips her clients with the tools to create a growth mindset and engage in positive emotional and physical practices to make long term beneficial changes in their life.

    • Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching
    • IICT Membership AU5919716520
    • Certified Pilates Practitioner
    • Certified Instructor & Personal Trainer
    • Certificate IV in Fitness



Therapy Dog

Bella’s passion for people as well as her gentle and caring nature make her the perfect companion.

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