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Connect to Self and Others

Mantras: Unlock The Power of Group Chanting

Mar 15, 2024 | Blog, Spiritual, Yoga | 0 comments

Chanting Mantras

Our thoughts hold immense power, shaping our reality and influencing the quality of our days. Discover the magic of powerful mantras that can elevate your positivity and amplify good vibes.

Embracing the ancient practice of chanting mantras, rooted in ancient traditions, not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels in the body but also offers a gateway to deep spiritual connection.

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘man’, meaning ‘to think’, mantras have been utilized for centuries to tap into our innermost being and connect with the spiritual world.

They possess an extraordinary ability to shape our thoughts and reality, infusing our days with positive energy.

Chanting Benefits

Gathering in groups and chanting mantra is a form of devotional singing which involves repetitiive singing of spirtiutal songs, usually accompanied by musical instruments like harmonium, tabla, or drums.

Chanting mantras helps to heal the body, protect the mind, and manifest human desires by connecting the person who is chanting with the divine. The ability chanting has to take those engaged in it to the innermost places within themselves is a theme for Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

In his book Chanting from the Heart, he describes in detail the day-to-day lives and rituals associated with the spiritual pursuit of mindfulness as practiced in his communities. When people chant, they chant from the heart and are not performing for a deity or anyone else. He explains:

These words and music have been composed to serve as Dharma instruments helping us come back to the deepest place in ourselves, the place where we are most awake and alive.

Chanting is often the most direct and immediate way to reconnect us with these places“.

Nhat Hanh further states that practitioners are not just carrying out a ritual and going through the motions of chanting while the mind wanders elsewhere.

Because the regular chanting of mantras can bring about all the benefits described here, it is thought to be a preventative measure against inappropriate thoughts lodging themselves in the mind.



Mantra chanting

Kirtan with Madhava

We are grateful to be reconnecting with an highly esteemed leader and Kirtan practitoner next month with an electrifying sense of anticipation and inspiration.

“Madhava” will be sharing his wisdom of chanting and sharing ancient truths through singing and sound vibrations in our Freshwater location next month.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to embark on this experiential journey.

Secure your spot now through our events link below and be ready to witness the incredible healing power of mantras firsthand. 


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