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Connect to Self and Others

STOP and Meditate

Mar 10, 2024 | Blog, Meditation | 0 comments

Did you know that Meditation is good for us, but do you find the act of actually Meditating challenging to do?

Well I do, and recently I attended a Meditation HUB class at Qi Pilates, Health and Yoga and discovered that we can implement some simple tools to help us on our journey into Meditation and all that it offers.


In our first class we were introduced to the S.T.O.P method.

This simple acronym is easy to remember and follow and stands for the following:

STOPStop and take a brief pause.

TAKE a deliberate and mindful breath, focusing on inhalation and exhalation.

OBSERVEAcknowledge your thoughts, feelings, and the environment without judgment.

PROCEED your day with intentionality, choosing a response consciously.

One thing I really liked about this (apart from its simplicity) is that it can be done almost anywhere and in as little at 30 seconds!

Why not join a Meditation HUB class?

Meditation HUB classes contain a weekly topic checking in with your physical and deep conscious level through guided mind meditation and journaling or activity (individual, partner or group).

You will be introduced to new breathing techniques, including a gentle dance called “Brain Dance” which stimulates the cognitive function between your right and left sides of the brain and/or have the crystal singing bowls at the end of the guided meditation depending on the energy of the class.

The focus of the topics will include nature, gratitude, loving and kindness, compassion, family relationships, financial beliefs, grieving end of marriage, career, friendship loss of friends, family members and pets etc, forgiving, letting go, birth, death, ancestry and much more.

The aim of the class is for you to learn tools through breath meditation and simple activities to practice at home to support your wellbeing or simply be present, not to miss each beautiful moment in life that will help flourish your quality of life, being accountable with each other in  community.

You could use this class as a check in class after your one week home practice.

Yasco is a Japanese born meditation and mindfulness practitioner, a children and teens yoga teacher, a former dancer, a former OT and a mum of 3 children in all different ages.

She began practising meditation 13 years ago. But her journey began at the age of 5, with full of questions in life. She overcame her childhood trauma, depression and transformed her mother and daughter relationship after 35 years with meditation and mindfulness practice over the years.

She has worked for NSW Health, especially children’s hospice ( Bear Cottage), NSW education( both students and teachers at primary and high schools) and disability facilities, supporting them through meditation and mindfulness.

Her passion is to help and support people going through difficulties in their life stages.

Now she’s here to help others to heal, grow and support together in this community.


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